WordPress主题SuperCharged SuperCharged
WordPress主题SuperCharged SuperCharged

SuperCharged 网站建设中 WordPress主题,这是有史以来创造的建筑模板下最优雅和时尚。拥有像社会化媒体整合或精美的动画进度条增压功能,将让您的访问者回来了,只是它在屏幕上!


Supercharged Under Construction Template
Supercharged Under Construction Template


  • 5 different colour variations
  • adjustable jQuery countdown & progress bar
  • social media interaction
  • display your latest tweet on the page
  • link to your twitter account
  • link to your facebook account
  • link to 12 diferent social media sites
  • rss feed link
  • newsletter sign up
  • store email addresses in MySQL database and in XML file
  • display remaining days in two or three digits format
  • customizable intro text area
  • customizable logo file and page title
  • well commented clean code
  • ease of use
  • wordpress theme included

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