Magento主题 Blanco 专业服饰商城

Magento主题 Blanco 专业服饰商城 Blanco-Magento-Theme
Magento主题 Blanco 专业服饰商城 Blanco-Magento-Theme

Blanco Magento主题是一个专业服饰商城商店主题,已兼容Magento, 并且兼容1.5.0.0,,,,,。布兰科是清晰,易于定制的Magento模板。2菜单变种,强大的管理模块,幻灯片,新产品,如许多新的功能显示网页,超链接和块等。这Magento的模板是最强大和最灵活的模板Magento的商店之一。


Magento主题 Blanco 专业服饰商城
Magento主题 Blanco 专业服饰商城

Blanco Magento主题特点

  • AJAX Add to Cart (Setting from Admin Panel)
  • Zoom to enlarge product images (Setting from Admin Panel)
  • Custom DropDown Menu
  • Grid page for 4 and 3 products
  • Editable Size of Images on the product page
  • New Block on Product Page
  • Powerful Admin Module
  • Related products slider
  • Possibility of another menu type
  • Additional Navigation Link
  • FrontPage New and Sale Products Slider
  • Brand logo on product page
  • Optimized for Fast Loading
  • Slide-show designed perfectly for touch screens
  • Background uploading facility thorough admin panel
  • Possibility of the Template colour scheme change
  • Shopping options (Setting from Admin Panel)
  • Use product scrollbar (Setting from Admin Panel)
  • Additional Footer (Setting from Admin Panel)
  • Back to top button (Setting from Admin Panel)
  • Social bookmarks (Setting from Admin Panel)
  • Footer Static Links (Setting from Admin Panel)
  • Compatibility (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE)
  • User Guide Documentation .pdf
  • And many other…