Gadgetine 杂志类WordPress主题[v2.0]

Gadgetine WordPress主题,一个杂志、博客主题。Gadgetine是优质的博客杂志的主题,也将一个严肃的新闻门户。它有3列,8个新闻版面和很多第一页上的旗帜空间。


Gadgetine WordPress Theme for Premium Magazine


  • Theme has 10+ banner spaces.
  • Automatic picture resize to fit the post. This means, that you can switch to this theme from your old one without a hitch.
  • Built in thumbnail generation and caching system – just add link to image in custom field section on wordpress new post page, and theme will generate all the necessary thumbnails!
  • Theme is widget ready.
  • SEO optimized.
  • Great Configuration page and easy setup.
  • Search is enhanced with keyword highlight.
  • Posts as integrated with social network share icons.
  • You can add links to websites footer through WordPress link section (just give them category “Footer-links”).
  • You can upload and use your own logo.
  • Label support for each article via custom field – you can add labels such as review, breaking etc.
  • Fully compatible with WordPress 3.
  • For each section you can add 1 featured article with big picture, as well as middle section is for these articles too.
  • Feedburner compatible.
  • Website is W3 valid.
  • Easy creation of your own custom pages.
  • Compatible with all major modern browsers.

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