Dzonia WordPress商务主题[v1.1]

Dzonia WordPress主题,适合商务企业网站。The best thing about Dzonia theme is that it can easily be converted into various niches. Our motto is to make our clients to love their site as we provide premium wordpress themes. Dzonia theme is perfect for quick and easy website building with a clean and modern interface and tons of features.

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AppMaker WordPress应用主题[商业主题]

AppMaker WordPress主题,是一个专业设计的主题,包括许多功能,用于帮助促进销售您的iPhone,Android或Windows Phone应用程序。AppMaker Showcase is a professionally designed theme including many features to help you to promote and sell your iPhone app, Android or Windows Phone application.

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XHTML/CSS模板:Adminica 专业网站管理后台模板[荐]

Adminica 网站模板,网站管理后台XHTML/CSS模板,简洁+干净,适合任何类型网站。Adminica is a cleanly coded, beautifully styled, easily customisable, cross-browser compatible Admin Template and Web Application Interface.

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wordpress系统从3.0开始就已经添加了后台自定义菜单功能!但是现在还有很多主题不支持这一功能,在后台菜单栏提示:当前的主题不提供原 生的自定义目录支持。您可以用“自定义目录”小工具将您在这里创建的目录添加至主题的侧边栏。出现的这样的问题,首页导航无法显示分类目录,只能在侧边栏 显示,就很不习惯和美观了。我昨天也碰到这个情况,折腾了一个晚上,今天终于弄好了。